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Dover EX27 Commitment To Quality
Dover EX27 currently conforms to these standards:

Australian Export Control Standards
ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
AS/NZS ISO22000: 2005 Quality Management System
Approved Quality Assurance (AQIS AQA)
HACCP Certified
US Food and Drug administration (USFDA)
HALAL accreditation

Source of supply
The waters off the Southern Coastline of Australia and New Zealand are pollution free and the source of the best abalone in the world. Abalone are harvested far from population centres and the waters are free from the industrial pollutants so frequently encountered in the northern hemisphere.

Australian abalone resources are well managed by Government to avoid over exploitation and to guarantee continuity of supply. Each state has imposed strict catch limits on the quantity of abalone harvested and tightly control the number of divers permitted to enter the fishery.

These closely monitored and enforced regulations have prevented the decline in stocks that has been observed in many other parts of the world.

By continuing this careful management Australia will remain the largest and most reliable supplier of premium abalone to the marketplace in the years ahead.

Premium Product
Only the best quality abalone are accepted for processing at Dover Fisheries. It is part of our philosophy that to produce premium abalone products one must begin with the best quality raw materials.

Continuous Quality Control
Dover's HACCP based quality system means that quality standards are addressed long before the final product is produced.

However as part of our quality control procedures we also require that extensive sampling is taken from each days production. The samples are tested in our laboratory to ensure that they meet the highest standards and export product specifications.

Stringent hygiene standards are imposed with staff training programs meaning that the highest levels of care and responsibility are applied in a modern work environment.

Nutritional Information Per Serving
The nutritional information for a standard can of Dover Abalone for net weight 425g (15 oz) and drained weight 213g (7 oz) based on a serving of cup (50g):
Serving Size Cup
Total Calories 30.00
Calories From Fat 1.00
Protein (gm) (Nx6.25) 6.17
Total Carbohydrate 1.00
Total Fat (gm) 0.16
Saturated Fat (gm) N/T
Cholesterol (mg) N/T
Total Dietary Fibre (gm) 0.43
Sodium (mg) 291.78
Total Sugar (gm) 1.16
ASH (gm) 1.05
Vitamin C (mg) 0.13
Vitamin A (IU) N/T
Moisture (gm) 48.46
Iron (mg) 0.66
Calcium (mg) 14.95

*N/T = Not Detected

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