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Canned Abalone
These canned abalone productions are in the counts from 4 to 18 whole abalone per can with 213g drained weight.

Dover Fisheries is able to supply canned abalone with various species such as the Australian Blacklip, Roei, farmed Greenlip, Haliotis Iris, etc. Seasoned canned abalone is also available on request.
The tables below give an idea of the range of product available. Please Contact us for purchase information.

Australian canned abalone (farmed Greenlip) First grade
24 cans per carton, drained weight 213g/can, net weight 425g/can,
4 whole per can
5 whole per can
6 whole per can
7 whole per can
8 whole per can
10 whole per can
12 whole per can
14 whole per can
18 whole per can

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